Stanton Adore by T L Swan

Every single emotion completely wrung out!

Head and heart completely … shredded!

This is superb, I have no words this has brought the biggest smile to my face, and I seriously loved it.

There were enough twists and turns throughout the book to give even the most ardent reader whiplash but you will be totally captivated by the relationship that evolves between the gorgeous hunk that not only occupies the page but will wheedle his way right in under your skin - Joshua Stanton will make your heart flutter…and the object of his desire is the fabulous Natasha

The situation between the two of them had me completely engrossed.

This is a book that is beautifully written, with not only a strong storyline and with not only awesome characters but also with secondary characters that are just as strong.

The screen came a life as their story was dropped into place.

This is one not to be missed.

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