by CA Harms

There are some guys that you start off reading about and you just know that they are drawing every last breath from you as they go and Beckett Montgomery was one of those guys. He had everything I could have ever wanted and he had them all in the right places…I was breathless
He was funny (no, honestly him and Lex were fabulous) , he was caring ( just wait till you get a load of him and his brothers, oh and his mom) and he was the sort of guy that I just knew was going to be completely swoon worthy…and I was right! I could feel myself falling deeper and deeper and I didn’t care, he was completely worth it.
I only hoped that Elle thought the same.
Elle was a bit of a shy one, not a wall flower by any means, she was just beautifully demure I suppose and I think it was that mix that attracted her to Beckett, he could see that she would fit into his life and whether he was looking for her or not, now she was in his life, it was an in built need for him to look out for her.
I loved that he was able to flex the alpha gene that he harboured and protect her, not because he had too but because he wanted to. This may sound a little strange but I thought the connection between the two of them hit the ground running and although it had a bit of a wobbly start, so to speak, the two of them couldn’t deny that there was something there, something that that twigged between them and that just wasn’t willing to go away, not that they were really looking for a way to deny it either, they just had to get their head round it!
The angst that the book had, ebbed and flowed and at times it was enough to draw a sharp intake of breath, I thought the way that the author cleverly interjected a creative air of mystery and suspense was superb.
I can’t tell you the story, because I think that you need to read that for yourself but what I can tell you is that you will not be disappointed.
A great read

Topic: Heat by CA Harms

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