by Caitlyn O’Leary


Well dang! This was so much hotter than I thought it was going to be. I knew as a read it was going to be epic but I thought most of the attitude would come from the angst that I anticipated being nailed vicariously throughout the book but the scorch factor well that must have been dialled all the way up to volcanic!

There was always and element of only knowing exactly what Declan wanted you to know, like him being ex-military…I was dubious from earlier on about just how disconnected he was, especially since he is still very much involved in that side of life as his role with his foundation helping in all manner of locations that other than the military, most folks would hail as no-go zones. But he has a deep-seated need to assist and it isn’t because of some sort of god complex, no his reasoning is much more troubled.

Allison was just as committed, she had to be, she didn’t get to be an FBI agent on looks alone, this woman was a tough as they came and stood her ground no matter what, but the story finds her in Paraguay looking information on the guy that is the thorn in Declan’s side but first of all she has to find Declan.

True to form, Declan was out helping others, this time it was those affected by a flood but totally against the grain he was also falling hopelessly under the spell of the most enchantingly cheeky and positively charming four-year-old, who has absolutely stolen his heart. I adored the way he was with this little girl, she brought out a side of him that made him shine, a paternal side that I hoped one day he might get to see for himself but wasn’t actually sure that, that was something he even considered possible.

When they eventually cross paths, I was sure there were going to be sparks, what I hadn’t anticipated was the fact that these totally dominant personalities would set my kindle on fire!!!

Could they find their man? Could they work together without attempting to throttle each other? I loved the banter between the two of them, the fact that it was actually him that was ready to set his stall out first and let her know without any element of doubt that she was his and that he was dead set on keeping her…on little problem was he had to convince her of that too!

They needed time and the author gave it, as they spent time together they actually began to see the real them, they had the opportunity to get under each other’s skin and to see what made each other tick, I adored the details, the depth that the author put into their attitude and angst, it was ultimately going to be the undoing of the shackles that seemed to be holding them back.

A super start to a series that is now nailed high on my to be read list!!!

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