Scoring the Billionaire by Max Monroe

I have come to the conclusion that I would like to score myself a billionaire because if he is anything like Wes I am on to a winner…but don’t tell my husband that or I may end up in the shed!

I have no idea who it behind “Max Monroe” and I actually don’t think I want to know because whomever you are, you have pitch perfect comedy timing, this story was not only smoking hot and yes I do mean smoking!!! But it was laugh out loud funny too boot! The characters weren’t only charming and intriguing they were absolutely hilarious.

Wes has stood by and watched as his two friends have found their happy ever afters and he is much as the thought irks him somewhat, maybe he needs to be thinking along those lines too. But will the woman he has his eye on be looking for the same thing?

Wes is keen on Winnie the team physician but getting the two of them together is far from straight forward, they seem to spend far too long thinking about what could possible go wrong and why they can’t be together, rather than looking for the reasons why getting together is just what the both need. They made my heart sigh at times because I just wanted the pair of them to take a minute to remove the sticks that the so obviously had up their butts and just let it be, they were perfect together.

I suppose the issue was that up until now Wes had been the consummate bachelor, he had always embraced his singledom, a life with no ties, no baggage so to speak and when his women have additional baggage of their own, you can bet your bottom dollar that they aren’t his woman for long but there is something about Winnie that just keeps pulling him in, he can’t help it.

The pair of them might think they are poles apart but in reality they have their own magnetic force pulling them together and despite what they say, neither of them is fighting much against it but that doesn’t mean they are making it work either.

Winnie is struggling primarily to get her head around the fact that Wes is her boss and she definitely shouldn’t feel the way she does about the guy that signs her pay cheques but more than that, she is also trying to deal with the fact that she well aware that relationships are not his thing.

But could she see past that, well when push comes to shove I don’t think her libido really cared!

While I loved the way the pair of them fought what was going on between them, the push and pull of their situation, what I really enjoyed most of all was catching the glimpses of how they were each beginning to realise that they were fighting a losing battle. Their connection was too strong, all it needed was time and space. Although my heart melted when this powerhouse of a man suddenly realised that not only had Winnie stolen his heart but that he had totally fallen in love with her little girl too. Double whammy Wes!!!!

I loved this book, it was a fantastic read, a journey in the true sense of the word. The path they took to their happy ending was far from easy but that just made the destination all the more worthwhile. I loved seeing how this man finally found not only his woman but his family!

Topic: Scoring the Billionaire by Max Monroe

Date: 26/09/2020

By: BettyRet

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