Badass - A Stepbrother SEAL Romance

by Linda Barlow and Alana Albertson


This was a treasure, it was completely enthralling and totally encapsulating and for all the right reasons.

Cassie and Shane both have purpose, both have plans that they are completely focussed on. Cassie is working hard toward her chosen profession – marine biologist and Shane is a Navy SEAL and that suits him right to the ground that is until their paths cross.

But once they have a connection the curveball that is thrown at them is enough to have them running for the hills or is it?

Can they work at what they have and can accept that life without each other is not an option?

I was held captive by the journey that they were on, they were so busy with the banality of life that when they fell it was obvious that they hadn’t been living really they had been merely existing, Going through the motions on a daily basis is tiring but they brought a spark of love and honesty to each other that meant being without each other was like cutting off a limb.

They completed each other and that a beautiful thing to read. In fact the whole book was beautifully written. It was honest and realistic. It gave credence and purpose to a love that could not and would not be denied.

It gave me goose-bumps on occasion and gutted me completely on others but it made me feel thankful that of all the books that I had at my disposal, I had taken the time to read this absolutely magnificent story.

There are times when words fail to fulfil their full potential and that is a shame, because words should always be so much more than just filler, that don’t add detail or emotion, that give no depth or credence to the page they are on or the story they are included in.

This I have to say is not one of those occasions – every word is beautifully placed and every emotion is perfectly painted. Nothing goes to waste and you will be hard pressed to find the words yourself to describe how you feel when you have finished.