Little Doll by Melissa Jane

Hold on tight but this might be a bumpy ride.

Laila and her brother Ethan have had no-one but each other after the death of both their parents unexpectedly. With each other for support they have made it work, Ethan living life under his own rules and Laila spreading her wings at college.

The siblings keep in touch regularly speaking to each other at least twice a week but when Laila hasn’t heard from Ethan after three weeks she has a gut feeling that something is wrong, But what?

The last she knew he was that he had a great new job and was enjoying life, but her gut was not listening to reason and she set out to find her missing brother.. herself.

The story follows her quest to find her missing sibling, all the time concentrating her energy in locating Ethan at any cost and neglecting the basics, like how to keep herself safe when you are in a strange city. Laila is a pretty girl, with the sort of looks that do not go unnoticed and unfortunately Laila has drawn the attention of someone she really doesn’t need in her life.

The kicker comes when she makes her way back to the crumby hotel room and falls foul of the degenerate that has followed her.

From that moment Laila’s ordeal is both dark and dangerous but nothing and I do mean nothing is what it seems. Her situation is dire and she is subject to the most evil treatment by the most abhorrent of individuals but in all that pain and darkness Laila latches on to the smallest slither of light that she can and her hope is the mysterious Aiden.

Laila proved her metal throughout the whole situation and refused to cow-tail to the bastards that were holding her captive, she determined that she would not give them the satisfaction of breaking her spirit.

It seems wrong in a way to say that I loved the story, namely because of the content of the story but I cannot allow that to detract me from the fact that this was a well written, exquisitely descriptive body of work and OMG what an ending!!!