Hidden Threat by Sherri Hayes

I haven’t read this authors work up until I opened the first page of Hidden threat and if this is an example of the dexterity with which she can brandish her words then I am a convert, this was a fantastic book.

Hidden Threat, as the title may give indication is a suspense, hiding in the guise of a romantic suspense, this is a wolf in sheep’s clothing because you cannot let this lull you into a false sense of security you will need to have your wits about you, and this isn’t all hearts and flowers!

The characters will draw you in but it is the storyline that will hold you hostage, you simply will not be able to tear yourself away. I was figuratively glued to my kindle.

The relationship between Cali and Matthew was so enchanting, they were funny, I loved the way they fought to deflect the attraction that was so blatantly there. They made me smile with their antics. I knew they wouldn’t be able to hold out forever and when they eventually gave in to their attraction, I was smiling from ear to ear…you go guys!

The author wrote a sensitively romantic story that teetered on the edge of dangerous but was interspersed with both humour and passion.

But what I appreciated the most was the fact that she illuminated the page with what I can only described as some powerfully evocative scenarios and that because of her prowess I was able to bring her story to life in my mind.

I had thought I had the upper hand and had worked out who the bad guys were so to speak but damn, busted – not even close!!

The story journeyed fluently from start to finish and there really were no dips along the way it was a smooth ride. The author held her nerve and produced a book that I hope she is very, very proud of because it was a gem!

Topic: Hidden Threat by Sherri Hayes

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