Iron Crowne

by CD Reiss

There are occasions when it becomes necessary to step back, take a deep breath and ask yourself one simple question…WTF?  And having now completed all three of those steps I am ready to let you all know that this is the book you have been waiting on because much as I have been a fan of Ms. Reiss for many years…damn she did good with this, it was fantastic!

I don’t know why but I have this unerring desire to laugh out loud, with total contentment that I have survived a story that in all honesty sucked me in on the first page, kicked my emotions about as it weaved its merry way until the end and then spat me out unceremoniously bereft at the end and laughed in my face all the while it was leaving me totally breathless.

Byron Crowne is something else, the dichotomy of the man had me chewing my nails to oblivion because darn it this seriously filthy commanding man had a sensitivity that quite simply drew me to him like a moth to a flame. He had his issues and I really felt as if the author game both me and him the opportunity to work through them.

Olivia was the perfect woman for him, her strength meant that she was able to meet his alpha tendencies head on and in many cases to make sure that he realized that she was not willing to deal with his BS. She lived her life the way she wanted and loved those close to her with a passion that was tangible, they knew without fail that she had their back.

A sensational read that as a standalone novel should not be missed, this is a must-have book


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