Healing Me, Trusting Him by Screaming Mimi


Wow what a whirlwind!

This may short but it is a super read.

The main character is Marie, and I say that because she took up most of my time and attention but that is not to say that the part played by Duece is not significant because his past as much as Marie’s has left its mark.

Growing up was traumatic for Marie in as much as she had a mother that only warranted that title due to the fact she had given birth to her, she was ambivalent at best to Marie and made no attempt to hide the fact that she just didn’t care.

Desperate to find what she had been missing, Marie found herself married, a mother and then widowed all too soon. Driven by a past that she could never outrun, she was a shattered soul.

Duece worked hard, this ex-military man was hiding the pain of his brutal military career, but the ranch was the place that could shelter his soul from the pain of the past, it was a place he could call home.

He could hide himself in hard work and could hide the scars that his body wore easily amongst the banter of the fellow ranch hands. But his issues were more than skin deep they were bone deep, the war had left its mark physically but emotionally it left him alone, with little confidence and a feeling that he would never find a woman to love him, so he had given up looking.

Past insecurities and inhibitions were the obstacle that I was willing them both to take the leap of faith they needed and get over. I had every finger and toe crossed that they could see that if they gave each other a chance what they could build together could and would be spectacular.

Would they?

Well you need to read to find out but I promise that if you give this little beauty a try, they will find a corner of your heart for themselves and they will bring a smile to your face.