The Final KO by Jessica Florence

Life as female in the male dominated world of MMA means that dating is a far from straight forward experience.
Having a physically strong woman by their side just isn’t something that every man can handle, and Rayne is just that, a professional woman in a man’s world and she lives with everything that, that scenario entails on a day to day basis.
Training for a rematch with what can only be described as a historic foe has Rayne focussed like never before, after all this woman tried to put her out of the game permanently once before, Rayne is determined that she won’t be getting a second bite at the cherry!!
But can her life both in and outside the sport finally turn a corner? How hard will she have to try?
Because when she meets notorious bad boy Arson, a man that also knows his way around the ring, he is none too shy about making his intentions pretty clear….as far as he is concerned she has just meet her man!
I liked Rayne, the strength she exhibited and I also loved the relationship she had with her BFF Cammy. They were just so fabulous together.
But the star of the show for me was Arson, he was so sure of himself but at heart he was so romantic that he stole my breath away, I hadn’t expected that from him and I don’t think Rayne did either but that didn’t stop her from relishing ever single moment.
The story had a strong flow and while the connection between the two of them was almost up and running straight off the bat it wasn’t all plain sailing, Arson has a bit of kicker that will come as a shock
A well written story that was totally engaging.

Topic: The Final KO by Jessica Florence

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