If Love Was Fair

by Savannah Stewart

I thought that the idea behind the story was sound and for the most part I was swept along with what the author had to say but there were times when I could feel myself drifting, I didn’t feel as if I could completely buy into the chemistry between Colin and Arbor and although it wasn’t a make or break issue it was a niggle that for me (and I do mean it was a purely personal thing) I found distracting at times.

I liked Arbor and I was totally enamoured by the quality and quantity of detail that the author wove into her character, she made sure that every ounce of emotion was drawn from each and every word. I found the story encourage me to almost step through the pages with her, her struggles and pain were all too realistic as was her determination.

I also liked Colin and was glad that they had an opportunity to pick up from their time together and I thought the author drew some fantastic imagery for the two of them whilst they were together but it was the pull that I was missing, the detail that drew them together, whilst they were apart, the intensity that Arbor felt, the impression that Colin had left her with, the need that she had to revisit their possibilities.

I wanted to be able to not just read but almost touch that feeling between the two of them and I felt just a little bit of why they were who they were in that particular moment was missing.

But what is without doubt is that this is an author that writes beautifully.

Topic: If Love Was Fair by Savannah Stewart

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