by Chelle Bliss

This was above and beyond fabulous, the author totally smashed it!

Gigi is City and Suzy’s daughter, so this was always going to be one heck of a ride, and from first to last word, I was totally hooked. I loved that Gigi was s real spitfire of a character, a young woman yes but darn it she had no problem making sure that those around her…including her father were under no illusion as to what she not only wanted but expected from life.

The family dynamic was fantastic, I loved reading as their tempers rose and the banter between them became more and more explosive. And when she added Pike into the mix, well the craziness was off the scale.

Pike and Gigi had a little previous, despite the fact they were reluctant to let that little titbit become common knowledge but what they had, had was only a marginal precursor to the intensity of what was to come because once he had his chair at the tattoo parlour he was working for a bigger prize…Gigi herself.

They drove each other nuts but that didn’t take the steam out of the relationship between the two of them, if anything it just fuelled the flames.

I loved the connection between Gigi and Pike, it was swoon worthy yes, but that didn’t mean that it didn’t have an honesty that spoke to me. They were super characters. Pike was sexy as sin, but he was more than that, he was a really good guy and up against the feisty Gigi he needed every ounce of his smarts to show his woman that he was ready for everything she had to throw at him. They found a way to make what they had work and I loved that but what I adored was the fact that they had to work for it. The author makes them walk that path to happiness, there was no skipping past the rough stuff, nope this pair wore it all down and came out the other end smiling.

With book two on the horizon, I can only say that I await the outcome with bated breath.

A perfectly pitched read that had a fabulous flow and that once it got it’s claws in not letting go for a second.


Topic: Flame by Chelle Bliss

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