Extreme Close-Up by Julie Jaret


I liked this story it was not only engaging, I found it honest.

It was about Lisa, a single mother of a teenage boy, Jake.

While Lisa was doing everything she could to make ends meet, she was unfortunately tethered to the most reprehensible of dead beat exes, and really he was an ass! You will hate him on sight!

She lives almost vicariously through her best friend Natalie, and that is because she is too dang busy.

But when a gorgeous young specimen winds up on her front lawn, she is blown away when she finds out that he is not there by mistake, he is trying to show her that he cares and wants to help.

Because this young buck is none other than the young man that she used to have as a babysitter, Braden.

This book was full of funny, sexy and a whole lot of naughty but the relationship that develops if far from straight forward.

The book really was all about Lisa, about a woman left broken by a cheating husband and what it takes for her to find the new her inside.

Now there is an age gap between the two of them – a serious gap but love knows no bounds and refuses to be curtailed by something as trivial as a few years.

The book isn’t too far off what you would imagine but I have to say that it was beautifully written and I found the whole book a glorious journey and I was pulled along with the entire scenario but I was delighted that the author managed to switch things up a bit and take the story in a direction that many would have considered off base.