Dirty Little Secrets by Amber Rides



Dirty Little Secret by Amber Rides

WOW!!!! Grabbed me by the throat - shook me senseless and left me stunned. I absolutely loved this book!!!!!

Cutter Lane - what can I say about him - everything little thing about him should send Melissa Hanover running for the hills, he everything she isn't - but don't they always say that opposites attract.

Prim and proper Ms Hanover has everything in life mapped out and there is no place in her life for someone like Cutter Lane.

Cutter on the other hand is doing nothing more than being Cutter - his life is measures due to his current circumstances and he knows that the best thing he can do is stay out of trouble - and that means keeping away from Melissa.

Foul mouthed, cocky but so damn hot- look up bad boy in a dictionary and I am pretty sure the name Cutter Lane would be give as a definition.

The book was anything but ordinary, the way Cutter spoke to Melissa had me gasping - he really did have no idea how to treat a woman - but little miss goody two shoes was far from the image she portrayed - her wild side just needed Cutter to let it loose.

The story was intense and had more than its fair share of twists and turns but it was Cutter that kept me turning the page- his back story was facinating and worthy of more exploration.

Great short read - one I will probably read again

Rating 4 out of 5