To The Steadfast by Briana Gaitan

This is a story that shows the trials and tribulations that love and life brings.

I agree that this is not an everyday love story, it is an angst ridden trail.

There is much of this book that was well worth the read and I say that because the writing style was fantastic but I have to say that the characters didn’t automatically endear themselves to me.

I found Cody was hard work, she was difficult to understand but then again that might have been due to her age, She seemed to have an unfathomable view on some things and I could really have given her a swift kick up the butt!!

I didn’t like Mischa, I didn’t like the hold that he seemed to have over Cody, and I know that she was the one that allowed him to have that hold but he seemed happy to ignore the fact that much of what he did really achieved nothing other than to make her miserable.

I liked the story and I say this because as much as the characters were far from my favourites they were honest.

The story was true and showed the context of relationships that isn’t always addressed, the fact that not everything is smooth sailing.

Cody was obsessive and Mischa was a narcissistic in some respects. This was a glimpse into the functioning abnormality that this couple had gotten themselves into.

What we want and what we can either have or endure isn’t always the same thing!

I think the end was left with the option to bring Cody back for a second book, I would be interested in reading some more of her life.

Topic: To The Steadfast by Briana Gaitan

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