A Shot of Sin

by Eden Summers

In all honesty, this was a book that I hadn’t expected, I have read previous work by this author so I know I love her writing style but couldn’t quite work out why I was feeling so apprehensive about diving in, maybe it was the fact that I knew that this was the first of a new series…but I needn’t have worried! This was a corker!

Shay works at Leo’s club, Shot of Sin and even though he is one of the owners and she is his employee he can’t deny the fact that he is attracted to her but he is totally convinced that there is part of not only the club but him that she just wouldn’t be able to get her head around and for that reason, he keeps a safe distance.

I couldn’t help but wonder why he was holding back because it was obvious that the attraction wasn’t one way, Shay was definitely interested but would that still be the case when she eventually found out what he was keeping from her?

Well, they didn’t have to wait long because when one of the bartenders in the Vault section of the club is injured, Leo is put in a tricky situation because against his better judgement he has to relent and let Shay stand in…well there was no hiding what the club was and who he really was now!

At this point I was reminded of just why I love this authors work, because while I had been second guessing why things were panning out as they were…. she proved her point and I was left wondering just how Shay was going to cope with the knowledge that she was now working in a sex club…and more to the point, I wondered what the heck Leo was going to do now that he had to face the very real possibility that the one thing he had hoped to avoid may just be around the corner…the woman he wants for his own may just walk away.

I wanted them to at least try at being together but it was obvious that they had a lot to overcome before they got anywhere close to a happy ever after,

I would plead with you to give this a try, you will not be disappointed!

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