Something Great

by M Clarke


Life is too short to accept what is just enough, life is all about holding on for the exceptional, the Something Great in life that will sweep you off your feet.

I liked Jenna, she was primarily a solid egg, living a grounded existence, and she is normal girl with a good job, good friends and a good relationship that she is happy and safe with.

But is safe enough, well Jenna is just about to find out that safe doesn’t cut the mustard anymore because when she goes to interview for a new job, she comes face to face with someone that sets her status quo on its head.

Her mystery man, has her pulse racing and that is before she has even learnt his name…. oh good!! But when she keeps bumping into him, he starts to permeate every thought and with encouragement from her friends to track him down, can she resist?

I loved the fact that the book is a journey, it is a discovery of self and an the awakening of want and desire to the point that Jenna actually begins to live her life and not just settle for what she thinks is good enough.

The story is not all smooth sailing, much like real life there are hiccups and bumps that she has to overcome along the way but that is the way that you learn and Jenna learns that she has a great group of friends and a guy that as sexy as he is completely mysterious. His aloofness just adds to the intrigue.

The story may be firmly seated in the 21st century and makes full use of all communications and option open to us today and while that was completely refreshing, this is an out and out old fashioned romance. A funny, heart stopping, all-encompassing romantic journey that glides through the ups and downs of finding love in the 21st century.

Great story.