Cowboy Command by Olivia Jaymes

Book 1 in the Cowboy Justice Association Series.

Everybody loves Katie, or so she thinks – so why then would someone plant a bomb under her car?

Her life from that day on is over,Katie Johnson may as well have die in that blast because life in witness protection means that everything and everyone she ever cared about has now gone.

Protective custody means just that and as she is flow 3000 miles to Harper, Montana the finality of the situation is difficult to comprehend.

Seth Reilly is the local Sherriff in Harper and as a favour to his friend in the FBI he has agreed to provide shelter and keep Presley (Katie’s new name) safe until they can convene a Grand Jury and she can give her testimony.

What he didn’t expect that cold night when he collected her at the airport was to have his organised, precise way of life turned on its head by a slip of a woman with a heart of gold.

Emotionally remote Seth has never been in love – hell even his current girlfriend has the hot’s for someone else – but when Presley and Seth get their act together the passion sizzles!

Some of the situations were a little contrite and some contrived but then again – isn’t that what being in love can do to a couple – it is about trial and error – finding what works for you both and enjoying the experiments – failed and successful along the way. Although their foray into the old BDSM did leave me aghast – it just took a step further than I had anticipated for them both – I never saw Seth as dominant. Bossy yes but Alpha – no not really!

Following yet another attempt on her life – Seth takes her safety well and truly into his own hands and with a little help from the Sheriff’s in the neighbouring towns – he leaves in the dead of the night on the 3 day road trip to Florida and Presley’s appointment with the Grand Jury.

I think the real culprit in this situation as fairly obvious from early on but it didn’t detract from the story in the slightest.

I think the tale should be taken for what it is – old fashioned escapism.

Overall the story was a great way to spend and lazy Sunday – I hope the remainder of the series are equally as entertaining.


Rating 3 out of 5