by VI Keeland

I adore Vi Keeland, she has become a one-click author for me because of her ability to bring me characters that are not only as sexy as sin but when required will challenge me and in this, I have one of those…I have Hunter because for much of the story I was totally torn on whether I should love him or not.
The relationship (if you can initially call it that) between Hunter and Natalia got off to an explosive connection but that was all it was supposed to be, because for as much as Mr Suave and Debonair Delucia isn’t in the market for a relationship... the choice isn’t his because sharp east coast therapist Natalia is definitely not into anything for the long hall, so after a spontaneous night of passion at their friend’s wedding, she makes sure that he won't come looking for her by making sure that a follow up is out of the question. But that doesn’t mean that they will never see each other again because like the proverbial bad penny they end up in the same place together almost a year later…I was ready for round two…but were they?
Well, it seemed not because this time Natalia slipped up and Hunter proved that he was not a man to be underestimated, because when he asked for her number and she tried to give him the run-around by giving him her mother's number…little did she know the lengths he would go to get to her!
I chucked as Hunter upped sticks and moved to New York and set about his task…turning on the charm to not just Natalia but her mother! I adored the flirty banter, the fact that Hunter was balls to the wall in his determination to get to know her, but I have to admit his no strings attached proposal smacked of desperation to me but then again, I suppose he had travelled across the continent to get her, so I suppose desperate might have been the right adjective to describe him!
I enjoyed the story, I especially found the that once the pace and the angst hit its stride, I couldn’t put it down.

Topic: SEX, NOT LOVE by VI Keeland

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