Playing it Cool

by Amy Andrews


You don’t have to be a sports fanatic to pick this one up, this is a romance with all the right feels going on from start to finish.

I liked the Aussie colloquialisms that were scattered throughout the story, not that I am an Aussie but I felt that they helped to bring the story to life. That little touch gave the whole story a personality that it absolutely lived up to.

The feel of the book was one that played perfectly into my hands, it flowed quickly and the author didn’t try to over complicate the storyline. It was sharp, it was sweet when necessary but it was also quickly able to flip the heat up when required. Oh and boy did it!

I liked the fact that Dex was willing to treat Harper like an absolute queen, he adored her and despite the fact that he was very adept at putting his foot in it, they had fun finding what was going to work for them both. A lot has been made of the fact that Harper was a curvy girl, I just wished that she wasn’t so self-conscious about her shape…I know that society has a huge part to play on the pressures we place on ourselves but she was better than that and I would have liked her to see herself the way Dex saw her just a little sooner.

But what really made my day was the fact that they were just so normal, they had their ups and downs and they had their own path to find and I was just so pleased to be along for the ride because it was glorious.

One last thought though, a plea to the author you could say, I chuckled as I read the antics of the guys in the team, and I am keeping my fingers crossed that there are more than a few ready on the touchline because I am looking forward to seeing who is ready to take the field next and I hope that it is very soon please!

Topic: Playing it Cool by Amy Andrews

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