Give Me Strength by Kate McCarthy

Give Me Strength by Kate McCarthy


We all dance to the tune of the hand we are dealt in life and circumstance can be a cruel mistress but in this the second of the Give Me series, we discover that you should never let others define you – life is for  taking hold of an running with– so grab it as it scoots past and hold on for a bumpy ride!

This book steps out from the shadow of Give Me Love and introduces us to Quinn Salisbury.

The book centres on Quinn and both Jared and Mac’s brother Travis Valentine.

But you can rest easy in the fact that the whole gang are more than happy to make their presence known throughout the book.

Jamieson have hit the big time and Mac needs help (not that kind!) so she decides to take on an assistant – someone that can help her to keep the band on track. Enter into the frame – Quinn.

Things haven’t always been easy for Quinn; in fact she has had more than her fair share of shit to deal with throughout her life and it isn’t over yet. Dealing with the monsters of her past have left her broken and isolated.

Life is bearable when she shuts the world out., but her best friend has had enough of her isolation and wants to get her back into the land of the living, so a night dancing is prescribed -  giving herself permission to let loose for the evening – Quinn breaks her solitude and spends a rather steamy night with the inimitable Travis Valentine – slipping away in the morning before he wakes – she hopes that , that will be the end of it – but wouldn’t you know it life has a different plan and she is mortified when she discovers that Travis is none other than the brother of her new boss – Mac.

Travis on the other hand is gutted to find that she has gone – so bumping into her again at the duplex is like all his Christmas’s have come at once – there is something about her that sooths his soul and he is not ready to give up yet, no matter what the delightful Ms Salisbury tries to tell him.


“I'm keeping you, you know that, right?"- Travis


Believing that she is doing the right thing – Quinn tries to stay away – reluctant to get involved and saddle anyone else with her baggage but once a Valentine gets you in his sight there is little room for manoeuvre – she is caught in the whirlwind that is Travis, Mac and the whole Jamieson crew! Welcome to the madhouse Quinn!!!

"Perfect is for people who don't know how to be real, and I don't want any of that. I want you."- Travis


The past never knows when to get go – but finding herself in danger, she soon discovers that Travis and his best friend Casey are prepared to everything and I mean everything to keep her safe. Quinn has an affinity with Casey and through that relationship we get to understand a little more of his story – he is someone that is worth hearing out!

Travis and Quinn’s story is beautiful – they are so perfect for each other that it was a shame when the book ended but I was pleased that they overcame Quinn’s demons together.

The book is laugh out loud funny is places – the band and their banter is just brilliant. Mac is phenomenal – her grit and determination is just outstanding – she is a top notch badass! Taking absolutely no shit from anyone – no matter what!!

Evie and Jared continue their story in the periphery of the tale and it is great to be able to keep tabs on what they are all doing – I love Henry and from what I have read – I think I will really love Casey when I get to read his story in the next instalment.

We are introduced to Grace (Henry’s sister)– right at the very end of this book and from the last few lines I think Casey and Grace will set the pages alight!

Rating 4.5 out of 5