Rubble and Wreckage

by Rodd Clark

So…where to start, I feel I should say that I really don’t normally read MM and as such this took me completely out of my comfort zone, if I am being honest I didn’t actually read the blurb before  opened the first page and by the time I was a few pages in I knew I was going to just get my head down and plough on.
So, what was it all about?
Well, I thought it was more of a thriller than anything else, a true interaction between two people that in their own way were destined to be connected.
Christian was determined to get the scoop on Gabriel Church, after all, it isn’t every day that you outwit the authorities and stand face to face with a serial killer…one that for the most part has gone undetected. So how would he react to being confronted by a journalist?
I had questions about not only why Christian was able to track Gabriel down but why? I had my doubts about his motive and at times his sanity was also questionable!
And why he was so set on being the person to bring his story to the public attention and how when push came to shove he shelved any apprehension and dove straight into documenting everything that Gabriel had not only done but also endured.
Gabriel seemed to enjoy being the centre of attention, relishing the fact that he was able to give Christian all the gory details of his life, his murders being just the tip of a story of deprivation. I struggled to think of how I was going to actually like this guy but bear with him, he shows another side of himself whilst he is with Christian, if you are anything like me you will “warm” to him.
With each interaction the connection between the two of them shifted, the connection between them developed and I suppose in a predictable way, they became close, if only emotionally at first, there was a dependency between them that once it had taken root was going to prove impossible to shake.
The end of the book wasn’t what I had anticipated but having read it, I should have seen at least some of it as a possibility. I wasn’t convinced about the whole Shea situation, especially the dynamic that ensued between Gabriel and Christian following that initial meeting with Shea.
Predictable…not in the slightest
Recommended …Yes.

Topic: Rubble and Wreckage by Rodd Clark

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