Seized by Love by Melissa Foster

Well, well what goes on behind closed doors and all that!

Lizzie is no shrinking violet but financial concerns forced her hand when she started her Cooking with Coeds as a means to pay her way through college.

And when she brought back her alter ego as a means to alleviate the burden on her family following her father’s illness, I got it but what I didn’t get was the new format. It was on her when she morphed the show into The Naked Baker – because I wasn’t actually sure why she thought she needed to make that change.

I got the fact that she wanted to help the family out, that as far as she could see taking this step into her past was her best option, after all it had worked before. But keeping secrets will always have you on very shaky ground … how much longer would it be until it all came crashing down around her?

Twice a week she slipped off her clothes, donned her wig and apron and slipped in front of the camera – all the while hoping that this is the secret she can take to the grave – her family would be mortified if they ever found out that she was parading around in the all-together.

Lizzie and Blue have been friends for around a year and it has not been for his want of trying, he has been lusting after her from almost the day he met her but she has always been reticent to make any more of what they have and as such they are firmly ensconced in the friend zone but while he is carrying out repairs to her oven, she is stunned when he asks her out on a sort of unofficial date… but she knocks the wind from Blue’s sails when she says yes!

Now don’t get me wrong, I was delighted that they were going out together but it set me on edge wondering how and what would happen when it all came out …I just didn’t want them to get hurt and I had a feeling that it was going to get very messy.

When it inevitably all comes crashing down I was surprised just how poorly Blue reacted, but it was a fleeting disappointment because when I thought about it, his actions were what I had feared all along.

He loved her and the thought that she didn’t trust him with this aspect of her life was a lot to get his head around, you have nothing if you don’t have trust and he was struggling with the impact that her omission was having on the two of them

But time and love are great healers and by the end of the book, it evident that he was willing to do everything he could to show her just how deep his feeling went.

The story is funny, the book is well written, the characters are fabulous, the steam factor is set to high and I loved it!!!

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Date: 05/11/2015

By: Melissa Foster

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I love that you loved it! What an amazing and in depth review! Thank you for reading and sharing your thoughts on your blog XOXO

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Thank you for hosting SEIZED BY LOVE

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