Pennie$ by Pepper Winters


When it comes to a dark read there are few authors that are able to pull it off better than Pepper Winters you only have to thumb through her back catalogue to see that I am right.

She is able to bring darkness to the page in such a way that you feel completely engulfed by it and in this her last work she has truly surpassed herself, this is a read that is almost too deep to pass comment on.

I read the blurb and I already knew that the book was going to leave me breathless, I knew that the story was going to leave its mark and it couldn’t have cut any deeper. The intensity was incredible.

With the knowledge that there are other books to follow in the series, I was hesitant as to see where Ms Winters would draw the line, where would she set her boundaries, she didn’t because the characters had none well at least Elder didn’t!

Nothing was beyond bounds, nothing was out of reach and nothing was left untainted. I could almost picture the cold hand of Elder almost running his hand over every page to make sure it was as he would want it and I am sure he would have found it to his liking, if that is at all possible. With Elder there is only his way …did I like him in perverse way yes I think I did, did I understand him…not a chance!

The story is so deep, so complicated that it was imperative that I read every single word, I knew that I would have no-one but myself to blame if I missed out on a minute detail and I knew that the minute details would be the ones that mattered most, so I paid attention and I am glad I did, there is more going in in this story than initially meets the eye.

Tamsin has been forcibly recreated from the remnants of a soul that has been smashed to smithereens. Her true identity is consigned to history she is Tamsin no more, she is now Pym and her existence is nothing more than a series of one nightmare after another but while she had seen and experienced it all, her nightmare was to take yet another turn and this one was one that she just might never come back from…this one had a name and it was Elder.

The man was enough to send a shiver coursing down my spine, he was…oh I have no idea how to put it into words, he was malevolent, he was menacing but most of all he just exuded a darkness that I couldn’t comprehend.

Who is he and what does he want…well you will need to read to find that out but keep the light on ladies because this guy will not only test your limits but shatter you in the process.

Emotionally this is a story that will shred you, it isn’t easy but then what did you expect?

I think over time I may just love to hate Elder, who knows but what I already know is I’m ready to read some more!

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