by CD Reiss

Even though this is quite rightly labelled as a standalone novel, I would say that it might be an idea to make sure you have read Kings of Code because there are bits in that book that give a great insight into some of the main protagonists in this story, namely Keaton. But if you haven’t read it don’t panic, the author truly brings this engaging character to life… he is superb.

Keaton is the ultimate ghost, he hides in plain sight, beyond the reach of those that would seek to not only shut down his operation but also exploit his talents. He’s done stuff in his past that he is far from proud of and is now focussed on a completely fresh start, but is this something that he can truly achieve or will the dark web be forever entangled around him?

Cassie is a strong woman, an FBI agent that has more than a passing professional interest in the elusive Keaton Bridge but when she meets him, will her professionalism remain in place or will those business-like walls begin to crumble because the attraction cuts both ways and Keaton is more astute than she probably gave him credit for.

The push and pull they both feel emotionally is totally enthralling, they both have reasons to behave the way they do and for it is their pasts that weigh most heavily on their present but can she fight the attraction and stick to her task of tracking down the elusive Alpha Wolf or will her glorious distraction prove too much to resist?
There is a lot happening in this story that will require your full attention, you have to make sure that you keep your eye on the big picture, don’t get fixated on just Cassie and Keaton, the connection between them was brilliant, yes but it was the detail that blew me away and I mean every detail…the angst and intrigue, the who, what, where and why of it all was totally captivating. Littered with great dialogue and interspersed with some gems of humour, this had it all and it wasn’t afraid to brag about it!



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