Red & Wolfe Part 2 by Ella James

Red & Wolfe Part Two by Ella James

Second Novella in The Red & Wolfe Series

Part One was an enthralling addition to the Bend collection by the Erotic Consortium (You really should read it first – it lays the foundations to this novella and is crucial in understanding both Red and Wolfe) but how do you follow on from that – well with yet another sizzler!

Picking up exactly where the first part finished, Red has two options, stay with Wolfe on the Island or take the money and leave him to his solitude.

But perhaps the decision may not be a clean cut as she would have hoped because what’s a girl to do when she gets a taste of what the afore mentioned Wolfe has to offer her?

OMG the man is a God!

The twists and turns keep on coming and with Wolfe’s desire to keep his identity a secret, beginning to unravel, I am eagerly awaiting part three. I am also interested to see if part three is also going to be the conclusion of the story because I think this pair have the legs to run for a while longer – I think we have barely begun to scratch the surface of possibilities with either Red or Wolfe.

Great Read – fingers are crossed for much more to come.