Rockin Around the Christmas Tree by K E Osborn

Life and love can be cruel and unfortunately Amber had been on the receiving end of both heartaches and as the festive season unfurls, she is facing an emotionally charged time.

This is not the happiest time of the year for Amber, struggling to deal with the anniversary of her mother’s death on Christmas day and still stung by the public vilification of her all too disastrous liaison with Ashton.

Rock Solid bad boy Ashton might have been the love her and leave her guy that she slipped up with but she wasn’t the reason that he and Annie had issues but little did the public know what had gone on and no-one seemed to be in a hurry to clear Ambers name in the whole debarkle, especially not Ashton.

Brax is on the same slippery slope as Amber in many ways, he is ex-military, but despite the honourable discharge, the military has left him a fraction of the man he had considered himself to be, PTSD has shaped his life in a way that he never considered.

So when Amber’s brother Hunter hires him to be protect her from the crackpot’s that seem hell bent on making her suffer for what they perceive to be her part in Ashton and Annie’s issues, it is a meeting of two damaged souls and the outcome was never a done deal.

They were both hurting in a way, unjustly so but it was a tangible pain never the less, but could these broken souls be each other’s salvation?

I loved their story, both the pain and the hope that they were able to exhibit.

The fact that they saw life warts and all and I think that , that made what they had and felt work for them.

Life is tough but it is the tough times that make their brighten moments worth all the pain.

The author gave me a story that was fully of interesting characters and connections, I liked the fact that Brax brought Amber to life, he gave her a centre and presence that allowed her to be who she really was and that by opening her heart she was finally able to find peace, they both were.

Topic: Rockin Around the Christmas Tree by K E Osborn

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