Addicted To You Series

by K.M. Scott

Book 1- Crave

Wow, this hit me hard, I hadn’t anticipated just how intense the book was going to be but once I got to grips with what exactly was going on and the reality of not only the fact that the story was tackling such real and troubling issues as addiction and total obsession, I couldn’t get enough and this was a hunker down and devour the story.

Kristina Richards may be an actress and used to being the woman that people watch but what she doesn’t know is that for one particular fan, she is much more than an unattainable illusion, nope Bestselling author Ian Anwell has an obsession that has taken on a life of its own and it was one that he wasn’t willing to reign in…he had to get to know her, to meet her and to have her in his life, but what would it take to achieve that?

I was worried about the way the pair of them were more than a little obsessive, I had a feeling that getting o whether they needed to be was going to be emotionally painful for them both. They had to let go of some of their inner issues in order to get to where they wanted to be but hoping for and actually achieving was never going to be easy.

I thought this short sexy little read was more than just a dipping of my toe into world where broken people come together to heal each other, nope this was a look at two lives that were intrinsically entwined but that had the capacity to sink almost as much as it had to soar.


Book 2- Adore

Ok, so it was no secret that as much as Ian totally adored Kristina, keeping her had so far proved impossible, life had gotten in the way of these broken people but Ian was nothing if not determined and his life’s mission in this book is to get her back…but was it a futile task?

I loved his enthusiasm, even if I did for a fraction of a second consider that he was absolutely barking mad, there was so much angst and attitude that I didn’t know that even the strongest could survive, let alone this pair!

With a web of lies, and a plethora of issues that to the naked eye honestly appeared to insurmountable and a couple that just seemed to be pulling at opposite ends of the same piece of string…would they unravel completely before they could stop the rot?

I was left with so many questions that I couldn’t help but dive straight into the next book immediately!!!


Book 3- Shattered

Oh, dear lord, I feel emotionally battered.

Shattered may be the title of the book and it could not have been a more apt choice of title because I finished the book feeling as if I had been ten round with a heavyweight, my heart was completely shattered and I have shed more than a tear or two for Ian.

I will say nothing else other than emotionally this was the toughest read so far.

Please read this series, this crazy pair will own you!

Book 4 – Claim

Well, I knew when I opened this that this crazy ride was coming to an end so I was eagerly anticipating another round of Ian and Kristina almost dancing around each other in ever decreasing circles of crazy.

I was proud of Ian in this book, I liked the man that he had developed into, he showed character and strength, a trait that I didn’t know if I would ever see from him.

I wasn’t sure that I was going to like the outcome between this pair, and that is because I wasn’t actually sure that I would get the outcome that I wanted but what I did like was the fact that as the story drew to a close, Kristina was finally facing her truths…head on

As you would expect there is a lot going on in the book, there are so many things that as I turned the last page, I knew that I have a re-read on the horizon very, very soon!

A far from ordinary read about two far from ordinary characters!

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