The Longest Knight

by Sierra N Terry

This isn’t my normal genre, but I decided to challenge myself this year and to expand my reading material and genres and so this came along at just the right time for me and I have to say that I actually did enjoy the change and I would certainly read more from this author again.

I liked that whilst this was essentially a romantic fairy tale, I liked that it was illustrated and that it wasn’t too far out of my comfort zone for me to be totally bewildered.  

Milena is a princess and after years of war her family send her away for her own safety, she knows what they are asking is the right thing to do but that doesn’t mean that she wants to go, after all her country, her family and her home are in jeopardy and she has a three day ride to get to where they believe she will be safe…the question is will she survive the trip?

I liked that Milena didn’t much care for the Prince she was supposed to be marrying, that she knew her own mind. Three days with someone is a long time but Milena’s travelling companion was the only person she trusted to make that journey with and by the time they reached the end, there were decisions about her future that she had to face because she was not the same woman that had departed…she knew that the man she was set to marry was not the man for her but she also knew the duty that was expected of her as a royal…after all the kingdom that was trying to protect her wasn’t exactly going to welcome her back with open arms if she professed her love for someone who everything they could not accept.

Could she live with that? I certainly hoped so.

The feel of the book was new to me like said previously it isn’t my usual read but that being said I did enjoy it. I found it to be more humorous than I anticipated but there were a couple of times when the odd mistake put off my stride a little, but it was quick to overcome, easy to decipher and didn’t deter me at all.

Overall, I found this more than I had anticipated and as a reader that is never a bad thing.


Topic: The Longest Knight by Sierra N Terry

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