Exposed by Sapphire Knight

There is no option here ladies, you must read Secrets (Book 1) of the series before, you even run your finger across the first page of this book, because without it you will be lost , absolutely floundering.

Secrets gives you the history between Cain and London, the depth that there is between the two of them and it is only by getting a handle on all of that will you ever be able to deal with the whole scenario in this the second book in the series.

What they had was the sort of love that you get once, never to be repeated no matter how hard you try. No-one else was ever going to measure up to Cain, but when London leaves to help her friend Emily they part on what can only be described as the worst of terms.

This moody, alpha biker finds it difficult to move on but London seems more content to start again or is she just playing with fire?

She starts to date Cameron, a college try hard who is thinks he has what it takes to join the big guns.

And while what she has with Cameron serves a purpose, it is not a patch on what she had with Cain and she knows it. Cameron is only after the physical side of the relationship but when she discovers a game changer in her life, Cameron doesn’t take the news well.

On her own again, she is shocked when Cain rocks into town on club business.

But is the timing more than just a coincidence? How will he take her news?

I was chomping at the bit to see where this story was heading, really the two of them had an electrifying relationship and I wanted them to get a happy ever after.

But the story is more than just Cain and London.

There are many secondary characters that I found supplemented the story to perfection. I loved the conversation and banter between the guys in the club, the humour and camaraderie was engaging, I completely and I mean completely adore Tate, and I just hope that Cameron has his running shoes on when Tate finds out what he has done behind his back.

Topic: Exposed by Sapphire Knight

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