Long Road Home

by Stacey Lynn

I absolutely loved this story, it was full to the brim with everything I could have ever been looking for.

The story was not only romantic, it was engagingly moving.

The story focuses on Destiny and Jordan and after a decade she is back in town, the place she had hoped never to see again. Destiny left for reasons that I could easily understand, but that doesn’t mean that Jordan will be able to let sleeping dogs lie when he is party to the entire truth behind her departure.

My heart ached for Destiny, but she wears her pain well, a proud woman who lives with the decisions she has made but that doesn’t mean that she wouldn’t have wished that things were different.

Jordan was broken by what happened when Destiny left town, and it took time for him to pull himself together and get on with life and right up until the minute he realises that she is back in town, he thought he had it all under control but once she was back, oh how wrong he was!

I understood Jordan, I wanted more for him and for me that mean I wanted closure for what had happened between him and Destiny but that doesn’t mean that I had any idea how the two of them were going to be able to find resolution. His anger was tangible, it could very well have been debilitating…but I had to hope that he would understand why she had done what she did, and they could find their way to a happy ever after…but the author made sure that nothing was easy.

An absorbing read that totally consumed my day, I couldn’t put it down and when I did it took a little longer than I had thought to get my head around what I had just read, it was fabulous!


Topic: Long Road Home by Stacey Lynn

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