Stay by Karyn Lawrence

Witnessing someone’s death is bad enough I would assume but when you see the deliberate assassination of another human being, it would have to shake you to your core and that is what happens here.

Laurel sees the murder of a Federal judge, and despite the fact that she was performing at the time, the assassin has it in his head that she witnessed the whole event and that put her live in imminent danger. Determined that she must be silenced too he tries to kidnap her but this canny ballet dancer managed to escape but is soon being held hostage again but this time it is by the good guys…the US Marshals.

So until the Feds are find the culprit Laurel is under the reluctant but watchful eye of Jason. I liked Jason, he was belligerent to a degree that I found seriously hot, as sexy as sin, he didn’t pull any punches, heck he was more than willing to throw a few when he needed too.

But as the bullets fly, the two of them have to navigate a tense and prickly situation. They rub each other up the wrong way but that friction causes a heat that is refusing to be extinguished but this pair have consequences, will they give in or will they continue to fight the inevitable.

I found some aspects of the story had me glancing over some of the paragraphs, I don’t like skimming but I found sometimes that I had to concentrate harder that I wanted too on occasion. I liked the story and I liked the characters, I just wanted a little more something, but funnily enough I’m not sure what that is. I only hope that the next book will put paid to my aberrance

Topic: Stay by Karyn Lawrence

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