The Redemption of Roan

by Kathy Coopmans


Of the back of The Wrath of Cain, Kathy Coopmans had left herself with little option but to deliver something that was going to blow our socks off – Cain was such a strong character that Roan had an awful lot to live up too.

Could this guy rise to the challenge?

Oh boy, did he!!!

The author delivered and then some because as difficult as it might have appeared – this is a better book, Roan is a better character and overall I am one very happy camper!!

From book one you didn’t really get to see the Roan that was unleashed in this book, he was sort of hidden so to speak or at least his true character was because in his own book, he came out all guns blazing.

He had it all going on and it was in bucket loads. Such a lovely character who was so caring, so loving, so strong with a desire to do everything right and for the right reasons. The book had so much going on that you will be left slack jawed, it certainly gallops a long at a pace and it had me trotting along beside it, it was hard to find a suitable place to grab a breath.

Of course it wasn’t all about Roan, he did have Alina, she was a really great character and despite the initial set up there was only ever going to be one outcome once this pair realised that eth pull between them was undeniable.

The writing was spot on, the flow was just the right side of crazy and the characters were second to none – read this book!!!

Topic: The Redemption of Roan by Kathy Coopmans

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