The Kiss Anthology collected by CA Newsome



The Kiss: An Anthology of Love and Other Close Encounters by Various Authors

Like a good reader I started at the beginning and didn't just skip to the Colleen Hoover story - although to be honest that is the only reason I bought the collection.

I enjoyed the format and was surprised to find myself whipping through them but to be honest by the time I had read the fourth of the short stories, I was bored and my concentration levels started to wain.

Trying to invigorate myself I smooched forward to Ms Hoover's story and needless to say it was brilliant - everything I thought it would be. Her expression and turn of phrase is just a joy to read. It was great to catch up with the characters from Slammed again.I would love to hear more from them in teh future and hope taht teh door on their journey has not been completed slammed shut.

I read a few more of the entries but a number of them were just not my genre and ashamedly I have to admit that I gave up and closed the book down.

I, in no way blame the authors for my apathy towards their work - unfortunately I went into reading The Kiss with the wrong mindset - I bought it for one story and once I had finished that story my mind switched off and that was wrong of me.

I will without doubt re-read The Kiss and this time I will give it more attention than I afforded it on this sitting.

Rating - 3 out of 5