Really F*cking Complicated

by Rachel Schneider

Well there is absolutely nothing complicated about how I feel about this story, it is superb.

I thought the authors writing style was refreshing, the characteristics that she ploughed into Falcon were totally realistic with a humour that when it wasn’t flexing its sarcastic arm, was totally chuckle-worthy.

It didn’t take long for the story to kick in and that meant that it didn’t take long for my kindle to become glued to my hand, this is a story that leaves you scrabbling for a convenient place to put it down and get on with the day job but doesn’t play fair because finding one is nigh on impossible, I read way later than I should have!!

I adored the fact that Jeremy was such an amazing father, his daughter was just joyous and their relationship was everything a little girl could want from her daddy, mind you I am sure he would have loved a little less of her sass every now and again, double digits meant this pre-teen had plenty of attitude and wasn’t afraid to use it.

Falcon took me a little longer to fall for but that didn’t mean that I didn’t like her I did, she was a mess, suffering from the humiliation of her very personal life having been plastered all over the media. She takes off, looking for some much-needed space and time to take stock and get her head around what was happening and trying to find a way to rebuild her career, what she didn’t need was a relationship but then again, neither did Jeremy.

They were the absolute picture of perfection from the minute they met but that wasn’t easy enough for them, they managed to throw all the emotions they had at hand into the mix and in doing so gave me the reader and proper look at who they were and what they wanted from life. The story wasn’t all plane sailing, there were ups and downs and that served well to highlight that life is all about the journey and that not everything will turn out just as you plan.

Totally addictive…I loved it!

Topic: Really F*cking Complicated by Rachel Schneider

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