by Vanessa Vale

This has a lot going for it and I am secretly pleased that it has been my first read of the new year. I thought the characterisation was absolutely on point, the author not only gave me characters that were easy to get to grips with but filled the story with a layer of humour that totally won me over, top that off with a story that was more than a little bit on the raunchy side of being taboo and I was smitten.

From the title, you don’t ned to be a genius to work out the path the story was heading towards and I hands down admit that when I read the blurb, I was totally sold! I mean 3 guys, one girl and the fact that they are sexy as sin cowboys to boot…then give me more please!

Gus, Kemp and Poe know what they want, a woman to share their lives …what they don’t know is who?

Well, they might not have initially but it didn’t take long for all that to change when Parker, Gus’s ex from high school of all places takes up her position as the new town sheriff…oh this just got a whole lot more exciting.

Gus knows in his heart that she is the one for him, he knows that she is adventurous and her likes and dislikes aren’t that dissimilar to his. He loved her before so for him, this is no different, except this time he has more to offer, and they come beautifully wrapped in the deliciousness that is Poe and Kemp. Once they clap eyes on Parker, it is safe to say that the game was most definitely afoot because let’s just say that they didn’t need much convincing that she was perfect for them but would Parker be interested in what this trio had to offer?

Parker knows her own mind, she is a strong woman in a position of responsibility but she is also a woman that desires more than most and who doesn’t take long to start to wonder if the trio of Gus and his partners may just be what she has been missing in her life all along?

The book had it all, it was delightfully passionate, more so that I had thought it would be, it was heartfelt, but not all plain sailing, there was just enough angst to keep me drawn to the story but not enough to make it hard work. The dynamic just worked between the 4 of them, they all knew what worked for them and despite a hiccup or two, especially between Poe and Parker, they found their own way to be happy.

A solid read that kicked my year off with a flourish


Topic: Tri-Tip by Vanessa Vale

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