Balls Fore by Andie M Long

This is book four and much like the others that have gone before it, I could almost defy you to find fault!

I think of all the books, this has been my favourite.

Beth is a single mum, content with her lot and happy with the most important man in her life, her son Trey. She is busy being Beth, making a go of her business and keeping her head above water, or so she thought because when Trey’s dad unexpectedly arrives back on the scene, he brings a whole boxful of unanswered questions and emotions with him, add to that the fact that it was impossible not to love Leo because he was such a fabulous character, such a strong man and I was in my element.

As the story found its feet and took off, I was alongside them every step of the way. I liked the fact that Beth was sensible enough to know that this wasn’t about just her anymore, she had to do what was right for Trey. . I also loved the way her loopy family did everything they could to rally round her.

I was sorry to see the end of the book because this couple above all the previous couples had a future that I wanted to know more about. I wanted to see their family take shape and what the future really held for them all.

One quick plea to the author, please bring the Turner family back?????

Topic: Balls Fore by Andie M Long

Date: 23/06/2018

By: asstyxRob

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