Fake Wife

by Stacey Lynn

I could waffle on about how magnificent I thought the characters were, about how their story started off on the most unexpected of footings, but that fate stepped in to make sure they got the happy ending that they deserved, but I won’t because you don’t need me to tell you that Stacey Lynn knows how to write a mean a**ed romance and this was just that and much much more.

From the minute the book set out I was along for the ride, holding on tight to kindle and hoping that the story didn’t destroy me on the way to the end, but I needn’t have worried because, when it hit its stride, my heart fell totally in love!

From start to finish this fast paced story had me totally blown over.

I adored Teagan and Corbin, the circumstances that brought them together and the power that they both had to keep it that way, they took a less that perfect situation and made sure that they had everything they wanted and needed to make the most of it, little did they know or understand that their happy would not only survive the unconventionality, it would flourish!

A great read that gave me everything I was looking for, first class romance

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