Rounding Third by Michelle Lynn

Crosby Lynch had the world at his feet, his life was all mapped out and his glory was almost pre-ordained but all it takes is one mistake, one misjudgement, one second that you just can’t take back no matter how hard you wish you could and what you had is just that …something you “had” because what you have now is a pale imitation, a tarnished version of the future you so desperately wanted.

This was Crosby’s reality but was it one that he deserved?

The pain of the past still bears heavily on both Crosby and Ella, not only the events that weigh heavily in their young shoulders but also the loss of a future that they could have shared, the pain of the distance and time that they lost and all the associated emotions that have almost swamped them.

Coming out the other end of their nightmare was never going to be easy but now they are back in each-other’s lives, could they possibly see their way to fanning the still flickering flame that burns between the two of them?

What they had never truly went away it was just hampered by distance, a distance that no longer stands in their way but there are plenty of other obstacles lining up!

Crosby was so hard on himself, the shame that he seemed determined to shoulder was so unjustified but he felt it was something he needed to do, a penance so to speak but I just wanted him to see that he was worth more than that and with Elle I wanted him to cut himself a break and lay his demons to rest once and for all.

They had a lot to overcome, a town to win over and a past to finally lay to rest…could they?

I had my fingers crossed.

Topic: Rounding Third by Michelle Lynn

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