A View to a Nerd by Chris Redding

This was a good book to read, it held my attention and completely absorbed me in Mim’s story.

Min had more than her fair share of problems to deal with at the minute, she is reeling from the fact that after spending the night with friend, she wakes up only to find that he is lying dead beside her – huh! That is just the start to the cacophony of weird shit that begins to surround her making it clear that she is definitely at the top of someone’s shit list and they are not taking any prisoners with the games they are playing to get to her.

The characters were well rounded and had enough intrigue to hold you captivated. There are some events that are uneasy to read and that are edging slightly towards the gory edge of the spectrum but they were completely in context of the book.

There is no secret for us the reader with regards to the reasoning of the attacks Mim is experiencing and I have to say that she does a cracking job of dealing with what is being thrown at her, I know that she has her mystery man, a cop no less who is more than willing to keep her safe from the danger that appears to surround her but I had a feeling that there was more to him and his presence in her life than met the eye. But I suppose only time will tell.

I liked Mim, I like the fact that no matter what was going on around her she never lost sight of what was important. She was sometimes distracted and easily irked but I have to say that she said some of the kookiest things that I have read in a long time when she was narked. Ever so slightly lame but totally in the minute.

But the kicker, is the ending because no matter how clued in you have felt all the way through the book, you will not for one second see the ending coming – it snuck up on me and batted me round the back of the head with the element of surprise well and truly weighted in its favour – it completely nailed me… well played!!!