Wide Open Spaces by Aurora Rose Reynolds

Ok, so some folk have taken issue with some aspects of the story and have voiced their opinions without reservation on what initially transpired between Zach and Shelby. And while I can understand the fact that the action may have been a trigger to some readers and touched on a subject that they were unable to work through, I also have to say that much as with real life, I thought the book was more about dealing with regret, and embracing a second chance when it presents itself.

I didn’t particularly like Zach very much by the time I had finished reading the first chapter or two of the story but as much as I wasn’t keen on him, I was intrigued by the thought of how he could possibly come back from what he had done and how he had been affected by what had happened between him and Shelby.  After all he had a vested interest too and the feeling of painful regret couldn’t possibly be only Shelby’s to bear.

He was the selling factor for me, I think I wanted to know that he had suffered too.

The story is a series of unanswered questions, a step by step guide on why the characters not only did what they did but how that has weighed on them since. By the end I felt as if I understood their actions, would I have done the same, who’s to say but I am thankful that I wasn’t in their shoes because the repercussions of their decision had shaped their here and how.

I can’t give you details on the book, I think it would be unfair. I think that Zach and Shelby, their conflict and turmoil is complete and as a reader it is best experienced first-hand.

I believed the pain they were in, and I mean it struck a chord. I thought the characters were truthful and hid nothing from the story, they laid it all out and like it or hate it, for me I thought that honesty was a definite bonus.

As you would expect from this author the story was beautifully written, yes the subject matter may not be to everyone’s taste but the solution is simple…don’t read it.

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