Switch by Jennifer Ryder

Sometimes I am in awe of the magnitude of emotion that authors are able to inject into their work.

This is no exception.

Sophie and Rocco both have pats that weigh heavily on their presents but that does not mean that they are unable to see that they need to move forward.

Sophie is doing her utmost to piece her life back together following a disastrous relationship that ended on the worst of terms. It is a battle each and every day to make the day count but she is doing everything she can to survive.

Rocco on the other hand is doing his damnedest to drown his demons, finding comfort at the bottom of a liquor bottle!

Rocco is a mechanic who is immediately attracted to Sophie when first sees her but his reputation precedes him and she isn’t exactly keen to be yet another conquest.

This womaniser may just have to look elsewhere!

But Sophie eventually has to find another place to live, she can’t kip on April’s couch much longer, so when Rocco offers her a room in his apartment they have the starts of a very tentative relationship.

I really felt for April through much of this story, she was wary of folk and desperate to protect herself at all costs, letting people in was something that frightened her. Rocco buried his soul underneath a barrage of bravado but his heart was a good one and I wanted them to have a fair crack at being happy, I just wasn’t sure that they could do that together.

But the fought hard to prove me wrong, they gave each other a sounding board, they were able to talk about their pasts and by doing so they were able to step away from the darkness that they both were clouded in.

The road of course was far from smooth and I have to say that the obstacles that they had thrown at them were almost enough to have me yelling – enough!  at the kindle.

Life can be so unfair, I just wanted them to be happy, but time and time again they were thwarted!

This was a book that could not be put down, devoured me completely!

Topic: Switch by Jennifer Ryder

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