by Autumn Grey

There is quite simply nothing disgraceful about this, quite the opposite it is exceptional!

I had a feeling that the book was going to run me ragged but I had no idea by just how much, from almost the first page just what an impact it was going to have, I felt something I can only attribute to an physical assault; every sense, every fibre, every emotion was under threat and I loved every second of it.

I loved that Grace had the strength to know her own mind and to take time away from Sol and find herself so to speak, she was such a strong character that I wondered just for a second whether she would find a way back to Sol or whether their time apart would prove to be their final chapter. They were both really young, I got that they had a lot of growing up to do but I was on tenterhooks as to which way they were headed.

I loved Sol and the fact that he was willing to accept that there were other ways to fulfil his desire to serve God, it may not have been what he envisaged but it was a step in the right direction.

They both were taking steps to find their own paths and at times I was more than a little frustrated with some of their decisions, especially Grace, I mean I liked Levi, but he was no Sol.

And when Sol is back in the picture, well let’s just say that there are decisions to be made and angst to be overcome.

With another book on the horizon, I can already feel the anticipation building, I am counting the days.

Ms Grey’s talent is seriously hazardous to my health, this was totally delectable.


Topic: Disgraceful by Autumn Grey

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