Always Conall by Sibylla Matilde

Carrying on from the first book in the fabulous Bitterroot series, in this we get to hear and see the story of Sage, Brynn’s best friend from “Because of Kian”.

Mother to Mattie, the most delightful of four year olds – Sage has stood on her own two feet since the man that holds her heart, left town.

Life ripped her brother from her and in the process took Conall too- despite the fact she loved him, she was his best friend’s kid sister and following an emotional indiscretion – Conall packs up and signs on with Uncle Sam – military life giving him a focus and the hope that he can forget the pain he has left behind.

Five years is not enough and having never forgotten Sage, he stops in Bitterroot after leaving the military. Hoping to catch just a glimpse to make sure she is Ok and then he will be on his way. But one glimpse was never going to enough and when he discovers the truth, leaving is not an option.

Sage has a real problem trusting men, especially Conall but when your heart is bonded to someone, there is nothing you can do to rip it away.

Being friends no matter how determined the pair of them are to make it work – is not a scenario that plays out well.

I mean how the hell is Conall, who is as alpha as they come, supposed to step back from the woman he has longed for the last 5 years.

Not happening, never in a month of Sundays is he giving up on her!!

But the star of the show is Mattie – she is just amazing, funny and cute all in equal measure, she had me smiling for so much of the book that I think I could have read the tale from her perspective and revelled in her exuberance.

The emotions that were depicted in the story are not only fitting within the confines of the scenario, they evoked emotions that made it easier for me to empathise with both Sage and Conall.

I really felt for Sage and what she had been through but I also understood why Conall had taken the actions he did. Both had valid reasons for their actions.

Sometimes pain puts blinders on us all and because of that we make judgement calls based on gut instinct and not fact – they both believed they knew the truth when in fact they were both operating at half strength.

The evolution of their relationship was enough to bring tears to my eyes on more than one occasion but not only because it was smoking hot (which it was, it was by the way) but because the emotion that it evoked was unrestrained and completely encompassing.

Joy at a happy ever after can do that to you!

By the way the epilogue was nothing short of superb!!!

Congratulations Sibylla – Job Well done!!