The Dangerous Hero

by Linda Barlow


This was delightful, it had a ring of truth to the whole scenario or perhaps that is not the correct analogy, I should say that it had its feet firmly planted on the right side of the BDSM scene.

A thoroughly modern take on two adults who find love again in all it guises and learn to enjoy not only themselves but each other.

I’m not saying that everything would be to every readers taste but what I will say is that the author did an outstanding job of showing that relationships, not just those that have their foundation firmly in the BDSM camp are built on the patience, hope, love and understanding but above all of that they are built on trust and respect.

I loved the lead characters Stephen and Viola, they were delightful. They made me smile. This pair had been involved briefly before but what can you say when your holiday beau ups and disappears, par for the course!

But years later, they are both guests on a panel and where Stephen discovers that Viola is a reviewers of his books, and she is not amused! The dark subject matter in his book is his chance to release his demons and find his release.

For Viola moving on was not that easy, she wanted more with Stephen all those years ago and when he left she was distraught. She has been through the mill in the interim but when Stephen doesn’t recognise her, the pain of him leaving is back with a vengeance, he has broken her heart all over again.

He meant so much to her, how could he just forget what they had?

When he eventually gets his arse in gear and susses who exactly Viola is, he has one thought and one thought only – he wants her back, he wants his second chance and by god he is going to get his woman.

Viola on the other hand is not is sure, can she trust him not to hand her a broken heart again, because she would never recover from losing him again. Can she let him in and more to the point can she keep her father out!

This is a sexy read, one that punches well above it weight and I am delighted by that – a tale of love lost but re-discovered.  But fundamentally it is a lesson in Trust and Acceptance… bravo Linda Barlow!