by Katie McCoy

Oh My!!

I think I could stop there and quite happily be done, I’m not so sure you would appreciate it but I have nothing left to say other than at the risk of repeating myself…oh my!!

I’ve read plenty over the last few weeks, this is my favourite read to date, it had everything I wanted and it also had Emerson and boy did he brightened my day.

From the outset he had me swooning, ever so slightly – no that’s total BS I fell for him hard from the beginning, totally shameless I know but …hey who cares!

Now I get that he wasn’t in the story on his own, there was of course the lucky lady that got to spend time with him and had she been real, I will admit now that I would have had to have given serious consideration on whether I may or may not have been prepared to fight her for that position! I kid you not I was totally bowled over.

I liked Alex and I liked the fact that they two of them clicked almost immediately, whether they were prepared to admit to that or not was a different matter. The way they met brought a smile to my face and the conflict that his bar and her living arrangements put between the two of them should have had them pulling on opposite ends of the same rope but something stronger was at work here and their chemistry quite simply would not be denied. Of course, it wasn’t all plane sailing but darn it was fun.

A fantastic read, just what I needed. With exquisite wit and some totally captivating characters, this is a series that I know now I am going to adore, looking forward to the next book already.

Topic: Rascal by Katie McCoy

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