His Confession by S Valentine

There is something playing on Gabby’s mind, something wrong with her relationship, a relationship that she isn’t quite ready to give up on, so doing what any suspicious woman is going to do, she sets out to find out what the heck is going on.

But is she really ready for what she finds out?

The minute she stepped through that black door her life was never going to be the same and she had to accept that what her fiancé was doing was far from her primary concern anymore because inside the club, she quickly comes to terms with the fact that this is a life she never knew but one that she is ready to experience.

Her introduction to Darion is the catalyst to a release that she never knew possible. They start to see each other, despite the fact that Darion gives her fair warning of what getting involved not only with him but also his lifestyle is likely to entail, but she is a woman on an enlightening mission now and with absolute resolve she is determined to embrace the freedom that a relationship with Darion can bring.

While I liked the fact that he was willing to give her a heads up on just what she could expect from him, but I loved the fact that she was strong enough to not give a da*n  and to refuse to back away.

The speed with which the connection between the two of them took off was addictive, he let her in on his life and each time there was an element that it might just be too much, I wondered if she was going to bail on what they had going on but each time she absorbed everything he had told and shown her and she dug in, she wanted as much as he was willing to give her. The boundaries that she had lived by until she met Darion were disintegrated, completely blown to smithereens and it was absolutely glorious!

Darion has secrets, he also has an ex-wife Eva who really did a number on him, he was sceptical at first but Gabi edged her way under his skin and had him breaking his self-imposed rules…no relationships, honestly Darion what were you thinking?

But as you would expect there is more than one bump or two along the way but I have a feeling that the biggest hurdle is yet to show its true colours, my only fear is what will happen to the two of the m when it does.

Will Darion’s demons have her running for the hills or will she muscle up and stand by him?

Topic: His Confession by S Valentine

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