Accidentally in Love with the Biker by Teri Anne Stanley

This was a lovely read, it wasn’t anything like I thought it was going to be and that tickled me.

I had thought that this was maybe going to be badass turned good by the love of a good woman, how wrong was I because Quinn Anderson was anything but a bad guy, he was a true gent!

Quinn was everything he wanted to be, the man he had carved out for himself after issues with his family forced his hand and he decided to carve his own destiny.  Now he has his own custom bike shop and is doing ok. I loved Quinn he was such a beautiful character.

Kelli, well I wanted her to step up, her best friend seemed to revel in the fact that she was always at her beck and call and as for actually getting some credit for the assistance she gave her, her friend needed to learn some manners!

But hitting the road for a bit of fun at a romance reader meet, her agenda was completely derailed when she was involved in a traffic incident with none other than Quinn.

This shy sexy guy was just what Kelli would have written for herself if she had the opportunity and after all don’t they say what happens in Vegas stays there…well maybe she would have the chance to find out?

Quinn was devastated that his pride and joy, his most prized bike was destroyed in the crash, just what he really didn’t need with a comp just around the corner, but did he find something he would be able to prize even more, would Kelli be his reward?

This was a really sweet read, that is not to say that it was all plain sailing, it wasn’t there was more than enough angst and agro to keep me on the edge of my seat.

The perfect weekend escape read, huddle up in the corner on your favourite chair and while away a couple of hours in fabulously company, with this light hearted, funny and ultimately charming happy ever after.

Topic: Accidentally in Love with the Biker by Teri Anne Stanley

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