The Fear That Divides Us by M N Forgy

I hold my hands up in salute to any author that takes an emotionally sensitive subject such as domestic abuse and gives it a voice.

This is so much more than Bobby and Jessica’s story, this is testament to the fact that love survives, that spirit and determination will hold you strong.

This is a punchy love story, one that tells it like it is and lets you see that after the trauma of the events that Jessica endured, it is far from easy to start over but that nothing is impossible if you want it enough and Bobby wants Jessica – he has waited six years, with the knowledge of what she went through and the desire to make her his, but she is scared and between them they have to learn what it will take to give them both what they need.

After years of abuse Jessica left the sorry excuse for a human being that was her husband when he reached a new level of low and she had finally had enough. With nothing but her daughter to her name, she took her car and drove – with no direction in mind, at the time she knew nothing more than the fact that she needed to get away from a man that would have probably been the death of not only her but her child if she stayed.

Bobby’s life in the Devil’s Dust was and is far from a bed of roses, these are bikers after all and they embrace everything that being in the MC entitles them to but the one thing this group of guys doesn’t do is disrespect their women.

Jessica asked for their help when she had no-where else to turn and both Jessica and the club have lived up to their end of the deal. But the years have passed and she still finds trusting difficult and believing even harder. The ramifications of what she endured mean that she is no more than a walking shell of a woman, with no desire to ever be in that position again.

Since the day she knocked at the door, Bobby has known that she was the woman for him but six years later and he is still hasn’t been able to finally claim her as his own, they have shared plenty of time together hooking up on more than one occasion as the years have passed but this sexy biker just might be in the only fight he needs to win, the one that finally convinces Jessica that she can trust him. Because with trouble heading their way it is now or never.

Can he finally help her to overcome the fear that paralyses her, can he show her that with a little trust she can rely on him and that together they can find a way to release the chains that shackle her to the past?

But can Jessica give up what she has spent the last six years building – self-sufficiency – is she willing to see the man behind the façade and give Bobby the opportunity to prove that she is safe with him.

I loved Bobby, the hard man showed that when it came to her he had a heart of gold, she made him feel in a way that he hadn’t anticipated – he wanted her and put everything on the line to show her exactly what that meant for him.

The story was complete, in as much as it had every emotion that you could possibly imagine but all in proportion and all astutely targeted. This was a biker story, yes – well technically maybe – I think I like to see it more as a love story that just happens to be set within the confines of the MC.

It gave a fabulous insight into love in its many guises and into the fact that trauma lives on – abuse is something you carry with you long after the day you walk away (if you are ever able to break the cycle).

This is a tale of love to the maximum degree, of two people who would have always found a way to each other no matter what, two hearts that were headed home and the journey that they took to reach each other.

While Bobby and Jessica may have been an unconventional pairing I think that their chemistry showed that opposites not only attract they determine their own fate.