The Idea of You

by Amanda Prowse

This left me more conflicted that I wanted and for that and that alone I would have to say that I found it a far from easy read.

I thought it was a story that brought elements of real life in all its guises to the fore and whilst a lot of what happened to Lucy was not only tragic but for the most part ultimately fairly ordinary, I couldn’t help but wonder just what she was learning from the events that were shaping her life.

Lucy thought she had a plan, a path that her life was on and that would lead her to where she wanted to be…happily married with a family and in reality, that is exactly where she did end up but the path was littered with not only tragedy but conflict.

Her marriage to Jonah was emotionally turbulent following the loss of her child. Her miscarriage was such a cruel mistress that played havoc with how she felt both physically and emotionally but when the addition of a teenage step daughter is added to her already overflowing life was never going to be easy…sixteen-year olds are not exactly known for the sunny disposition and Camille was no exception.

I felt for Lucy, the hurt that her heart had experienced was almost tangible through my kindle screen, the loss of her child was gut wrenching and the emotional battle to win over a step child and a husband that was seemed determined to bury his head in the sand, was portrayed in such a manner as to have been poignantly realistic…this wasn’t just a story, this was real life being laid bare on the page.

Millions have been through what Lucy had experienced and millions will follow suit and each one will be different but for me Lucy epitomised what it is like to live in the world as of this moment…and that totally won me over.

With a strong emphasis on detail, although at times it was a little wordy, I thought the author pitched this just right, it was cleverly thought out and thought provoking when it need to be but didn’t hold back on the angst and attitude as you would expect.


Topic: The Idea of You by Amanda Prowse

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